Lunch Pail Defense

A site dedicated to breaking down and explaining the fundamentals of a good defense. A good defense depends on planning, practice and buy in from players and coaches. Developing the right system and the right schemes are critical to success. Bud Foster has been developing and creating schemes that can help your team, contact him for a discussion.

“The biggest changes are two things. Number one is their practice habits and number two is execution. To be honest with you it’s that simple. It’s not like we have been doing a lot of circuit work and tackling like we have done in the past. It goes back to the guys fitting in the right gap, knowing where their help is coming from. Do they have inside help do they have outside help, where are they fitting in as far as gaps or the alleys. As you know when we have been good over
the years that is where we can make a team one-dimensional. That’s been what we have been able to do the last few weeks. Somebody made a comment that after Duke we have given up an average of 80 rushing yards a game or something like that. That’s pretty special. That’s what you want to be at to be an elite defense and to be a championship caliber defense. We are playing that way right now. It’s fun to see that we have playmakers in all the positions; it’s fun
to see the young defensive linemen continue to improve. They don’t just play for us now they are becoming play makers. When you put all that together it’s a fun group to watch. I make sure that they can’t stay satisfied, we’ve got that group, we’ve got that leadership. You look at
that guy to the right next to you guys and he is one of those guys who is not going to let anybody be satisfied along with several others. He sets the standard. I think that has been the biggest thing, our practice habits and our consistency in our execution.
” – Bud Foster